Benefits of Having Medical ID Bracelets

The big benefit of having a medical alert bracelet is that they help you to always be prepared for an emergency or crisis situation. People who wear them feel more confident and secure knowing that if something did happen and that they were unable to speak for themselves, that the bracelet would inform others of their condition. This could prevent all kinds of problems such as a heart attack victim lying on a sidewalk being mistaken for a drunk or an attack of low blood sugar being mistaken for a lack of intelligence.

Medical ID bracelets and necklaces can prove to be very helpful to people suffering from medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes’s, epilepsy, stroke, blindness or memory impairment. Other people with conditions that benefit from wearing one are individuals with Alzheimer’s, people with transplant surgery, people on blood thinners, mentally disabled people, people with hepatitis or who are HIV positive, people on warfarin, cancer patients or people with a very rare blood type. People who are allergic to bee stings or spider bites should also wear this type of bracelet

A medical ID bracelet or necklace is an item you never take off. It has the wearer’s medical condition or allergy engraved right on it. There is limited space on the engravable area of the bracelet. Any allergies or sensitivities towards certain medications as well as medical conditions should be on it .

The bracelets are designed in a way that they are obvious to medical personnel. There are abbreviations on the bracelets that are understood by all medical professionals. For example Blood Pressure is BP. This allows you to fit multiple conditions in one small space on the bracelet.

The immediate benefits during an emergency that come from wearing a medic alert bracelet include –

  • Ensuring you appropriate and timely care
  • Not being prescribed medications you are allergic to
  • Prevents misdiagnosis of symptoms (for instance a diabetic with high blood sugar can appear to be like a drunk.)
  • Can help prevent a minor emergency from turning into a major event.

Examples of situations where this might be useful are

In general the main benefit of the bracelet is that it can speak for you if you are not able to because you are unconscious or incoherent and stupefied from having a seizure.

Does your medical condition warrant wearing a medical I.D. bracelet. Your doctor will let you know if it is necessary for you to alert others as to your condition.

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